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A school travel plan is a set of practical actions to improve children's journey to and from school. These actions encourage alternatives to car travel, and aim to reduce traffic at the school gate and improve safety.

It is supported by local councils, the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the school.

  • Greater Wellington School Travel Plans
  • Remember to look at our School Travel Policy template - this is designed to promote active and sustainable modes of travel to school, and sets the tone for your school's safe and active travel culture. It's great to include active travel information in your booklets for parents of new students and to remind others that this is the way you roll in 2018!

Local Contact

  • Road Safety Coordinator/School Travel Planner: Holly Hullena
    Wairarapa Road Safety Council Phone (06) 3771379
  • For access to our Schools Google Folder full of resources to help you click HERE. This folder includes messages for newsletters, ideas, specific areas of focus & lesson plans - along with links to our partner resources - it's your one stop shop!


Movin March 2017

Movin'March celebrates walking, scooting and cycling to schools in the Wellington Region. This year Wairarapa has a record number of schools signed up to create some magic moving memories!!

Movin’March runs for the entire month of March giving schools the flexibility to run active transport activities whenever it suits.

Share photos, lessons and stories or just become a Fan to show your support for kids learning, growing and having fun on their way to school! We even had prizes to give away - a huge congratulations to Lyric from St Teresa's School who won our WOW competition and out of 640 entries in Wairarapa from 17 different schools Lyric was our prize winner and received a brand new Bike and Helmet thanks to Avanti!

Check out our website in 2017 at:

Movin'March Facebook Page

Slow Down Signs

A message to those that travel on country roads is apparent - especially now outside Mauriceville School. There are many country schools in Wairarapa, so drivers need to take heed of signs when travelling and look out for our kids in not just urban, but rural zoned schools. Students at Mauriceville School wrote letters to local businesses and designed their signs, even painted them and put them up with some help from Masterton District Council. Their message is clear "Slow Down - kids learn here". Well done team!!


Farm Safety

Wairarapa is a unique region with many things to do and a lot of landscape to cover. With many rural schools and families in Wairarapa, Worksafe are helping educate young people giving safety tricks of the trade.

Check out this page to find out the best Health and Safety Practices in regards to safe Quad bike and two wheeled motorcycles



Enforceable speed signs around speed sensitive schools

Stopping and Parking outside SchoolsStopping and Parking outside Schools


When children arrive or leave school each day, your driving behaviour can protect them or endanger them.

Parking rules around your school are there to protect children and increase visibility both for pedestrians and drivers.

Please Do:

  • Park legally & away from the school gates.
  • Use the crossings & walk the short distance to school. 
  • Use the car doors on the footpath side. 
  • Use bright or hi viz jackets and backpacks. 
  • Talk with your children about ‘sneaky’ driveways, how fast cars go and safe places to cross.

Please Don’t:

  • Call out to your kids to cross the road! 
  • Double park or park on yellow lines. 
  • Block footpaths or driveways. 
  • Speed near our schools!

Local Police CAN and WILL issue tickets to drivers who do not drive and park legally and safely

DID YOU KNOW: If you choose to stop or park illegally you are liable for the following fines:

Stopped/parked on broken yellow lines - $60

Stopped/parked on or within 6 metres of a pedestrian crossing - $60

Stopped/parked on the footpath - $40

Stopped/parked over or within 1 metre of a vehicle entrance - $40

Parked within 500mm of a fire hydrant with no one in a car legally capable of moving it - $40

Stopped or parked closer than 6 metres to a bus stop marked only by a sign or on a marked bus stop - $40

Double parked - $60

Any stopping or parking that is inconsiderate to other road users, inclusive of pedestrians - $60

Stopped or parked in or within 6 metres of an Intersection - $60

Parked on roadside grass plot, shrubs or flower beds - $40

Slow Down for Fernridge School Slow Down for Fernridge School

Advisory speed warning signs around Fernridge School in Masterton have been erected to slow traffic outside the schools gate.


This follows requests to the Wairarapa Road Safety Council for help in reducing the congestion around the school gate during peak drop off and pick up times.


Previously in 2014 Fernridge School celebrated a Shelter and Pou being built for use of School students to meet a short walk away from the school on the corner of Upper Plain Road and Kibblewhite Road, promoting safe and active travel to boost the number of children walking and cycling to school. Walking School buses have been in operation so students can walk together with a teacher/adult providing a “safety in numbers” approach.


Projects Coordinator for Wairarapa Road Safety Council Holly Hullena says “When focusing on speed issues around school areas there is no one single thing that can ‘fix’ a situation and there is no quick-fix in any case”.


“Consultation and Surveying are key elements, but a major part of fixing any congestion issue outside the school relies heavily on public behaviour. Those who drive past schools to work or who are dropping off or picking up students are required to be considerate and mindful of children – especially during peak school times”.


“We can use this opportunity to encourage students to walk the last 300 or so meters to school. Setting a pick up and drop off point for you kids encourages independence an health-conscious behaviors such as warming up their brains before they reach the classroom. Carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles outside the school gate is another way of reducing the amount of cars parked outside the school”.


With the help of Masterton District Council, new School Speed Advisory Signs went up at the start of the year ready for the beginning of Term 1. Fernridge School is set on Upper Plain Road, which is on an 80km per hour stretch of road linking town and country. After surveying the roads in varied weather conditions during peak school drop off and pick up times, the decision was made to put the signs up in conjunction with the school expanding their buildings to cater for the increase of students on the school role.


“More students, means more traffic. With the already busy rural road being used by not just parents but those travelling to the town centre for work, it was necessary to remind road users to adjust their speed when passing the school gate.”


Holly Hullena said crashes involving school aged pedestrians and cyclists can be avoided. “Nobody wants to see kind of headlines. Using a proven combination of reduced speed, community engagement and schools having travel plans in place will ultimately combat this”.


For more information, please contact our School Travel Planner on 06 377 1379 or email


Pedal Ready Cycle Training

About the programme:

  • Pedal Ready is funded and supported by the sustainable transport team at Greater Wellington.
  • Jordan Roy and Nicky Morrison are the regional coordinators for the programme and they are supported by a network of qualified instructors.
  • Holly (Project Coordinator - Wairarapa Road Safety Council) can take school bookings & enquiries by contacting 06 377 1379

Check out photos of training programmes held in Wairarapa. Pedal Ready is available for work, school, parents and trainers. Check out the Pedal Ready website for more details. 

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