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Incidents of safety and crashes involving Motorcyclists in Wairarapa remains an area of high concern. There is an increasing number of recreational riders visiting the district.

  • MDC, CDC and SWDC – show around double the national average of injury crashes involving motorcyclists.
  • Since 2010, the Greater Wellington Region has seen a 9% decrease of Motorcyclist claims from 408 in 2010 to 388 in 2014 (ACC report 2015).
  • In 2013, There were 5 Fatalities (highest on record in the last 4 years almost tripling), 3 Serious Injury, and 26 Minor/Non-Injury Crashes relating to motorcyclists in our region.
  • View some Motorcycle Crash Facts


Information on Safe Motorcycle route planning:

Making roads motorcycle friendly

TERNZ Report - Why people die in crashes

Safer Journeys - Motorcyclists


Ride On!

Keep up to date with best routes to travel on your motorcycling journey!


Motorcycle Training

A full days training for FREE includes both classroom and practical training in a safe environment. Find out how good you really are by registering for a motorcycle course (one day) and learn some helpful tips which will increase your enjoyment of riding while staying safe on your bike. Avoiding crashes depends on your riding skills, so the more skills you have the better rider you'll be.

You must have a motorcycle license and your own bike to participate. Topics can include cornering, braking, bike maintenance and taking the fear out of riding slowly, as well as learning how to manage your risk by avoiding hazards, and reduce your risk of crashing.

For enquiries or to enrol in our next Skills Day please contact Wairarapa Road Safety Council (All levels of Experience Welcome )

Next Skills Day:

Please keep visiting this website for our next Motorcycle skills Training days.


Riding the Rimutakas & Wairarapa

A guide produced by the Wairarapa Road Safety Council to promote safe and enjoyable riding in our region, it gives some tips for riding the Rimutaka Hill Road and some golden rules about riding. Produced with input from professional instructors and local riders.

Route Map

NZTA riding route map being produced for our area. (Not yet available)



Motorcycle Licence Information


Motorcycle Instructors

Local Wairarapa
The Motorcycle Academy – Garry Hardgrave (06) 3709010 or 0276433133

Roadsafe Motorcycle Riding Techniques – Andrew & Lynne Templeton (04) 2320110 or 027 2459510 or visit

Two Bald Bikers - 0800 560 022 - or check out

Motorcycle Safety Advocates
Brittany Morrow "the road rash queen" - Rock the Gear- or check out facebook @TheRoadrashQueen

Dave Moss - Tuning website click or facebook @davemosstuning 



The Scooter Survival Facebook page has been created to help scooter riders and potential scooter riders become safer on New Zealand roads. Check out their Facebook page:


Motorcycle Workshops

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