Wairarapa Road Safety Council Services

Motorcycles & Scooters

Incidents of safety and crashes involving Motorcyclists in Wairarapa remains an area of high concern. There is an increasing number of recreational riders visiting the district.

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School Travel Plans

A school travel plan aims to improve children's journeys to and from school. These actions suggest alternative travel methods, with goals of reducing traffic at the school gate and improve safety.

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SADD & Young Drivers

SADD (Students against Dangerous Driving) promotes safe driving practices and is supported in 100% of Wairarapa Colleges.

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Older Road Users

The Wairarapa has one of the highest elderly populations per capita in New Zealand. Older adults the fastest growing segment of population in New Zealand and are continuing to drive to a greater age.

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Vehicle Restraints

Restraint use including use of child seats remains an area of high concern across the cluster. Local surveys show that adult driver and front seat passenger restraint use is low throughout the district with 83% compliance in SWDC area.

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Fatigue & Distraction

Distraction and fatigue remain an area of High concern across the cluster; remember, using a cell phone in a vehicle is illegal and also unsafe.

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Drink & Drug Driving

Alcohol and drug related crashes are an area of high concern and identified as a major road safety issue throughout the cluster.

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Safe Speeds

Speed related crashes are an area of high concern and identified as a continuing road safety issue across Wairarapa.

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Safe Cycling & Walking

There is a lack of driver understanding of road rules including how to correctly use established cycle lanes. Anecdotal evidence suggests an increase in popularity of cycling in region.

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Driver Licensing

Getting your car driver licence in New Zealand involves a three-step process. As you progress through the stages you gain a new licence with fewer requirements and more responsibilities. It's an approach that ensures all fully licensed drivers have the skills and experience to drive safely on our roads.

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Child Restraints

Does your child fit into their car seat correctly? Do they still need one? How do I know if my seat has expired? All questions are answered here...

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Community Driver Mentor Programme

A great programme that aims to aid students with the key skills to driving. Students set up with mentors to pass their restricted licence.

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