Slow Down Wairarapa Wide

Slow Down Wairarapa Wide

September is "speed" month on the NZTA and Police road safety calendar.  This month has traditionally been one of the years worst months for speed related crashes nationally, and we want to highlight the issues and remind people what they can do locally to lessen the risks.

Unfortunately, speed related crashes are our single biggest issue across the Wairarapa region, and especially on our local roads.

Between 2010 and 2014, as a region, we suffered 6 fatalities and 28 serious injuries from these crashes….this is not even counting minor and non-injury crashes.

First we need to accept that we have a problem, and that as locals, we are speeding, crashing, and hurting others and ourselves. We need to fully understand that our local roads are not highways. They can be narrow, windy, unlit at night and have changing surfaces. It’s not always ok to travel 100km/h, and by slowing down, if we do make a mistake and crash, then the chances of injuries are greatly reduced.

Our local campaign is called ‘Slow down-Wairarapa wide’. We’re asking locals no matter what town or rural area they’re from, to drive to the conditions on our local roads, and not to be complacent. The Mayors of our three District Councils have endorsed the campaign by appearing in our print ads in our local papers this month. We want our drivers to look after themselves and others, slow down and enjoy the journey.

Tuesday 1st of September 2015

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