33 years of dedication to road safety and Wairarapa

33 years of dedication to road safety and Wairarapa

Chris Horrocks Retirement from WRSC Board

After 33 years of service of advocating for road safety in the Wairarapa, and being a member of the Wairarapa Road Safety Council, Chris has deemed it time to stand down from the board.

A founder member of the Council in 1988 representing AA Wairarapa, Chris has seen many changes both in the Road Safety Council and the AA, and indeed with their road safety partners including Waka Kotahi, local Councils, Police, ACC, Public Health and other member organisations.

Chris has always been a huge advocate to improve our local roads and State Highways, young driver training, and supporting the local Students against Dangerous Driving group.

He has been a vocal supporter of the Police in their efforts towards road safety, and in giving them the tools required to make a difference in our road crash statistics. 

His intimate knowledge of our road networks and roading personnel in Wairarapa and beyond, has been invaluable in feeding back to the road safety Council his ideas and suggestions to improve road safety for our local commuters.

A common sense approach and a ‘can do’ attitude, mixed with Chris’s keen sense of humour, has seen many of his ideas adopted, whether it has been improved signage, road improvements, new collaborations, or keeping ‘pressure’ on Govt agencies to deliver better outcomes for all road users.

He has always been the first to offer his support, his time, and his ideas, when Bruce and Holly have run events and were shortstaffed ‘on the day’.

It’s rare nowadays to find people who have been willing to dedicate such a huge length of time on a regular basis, so that the majority of the community can benefit.

The board wishes Chris all the very best for the years ahead, and to pass on a huge thanks of gratitude for his tremendous contribution to road safety across the Wairarapa.

Lest we ever forget………… ‘drive to the conditions.’

This speech was written by Chairman Frazer Mailman.

Photo of the Wairarapa Road Safety Council Board. (Not a full attendance) L to R:

Rebecca Vergunst (CDC), Ruth Lockyer (Wellington Free Ambulance), Grant Detheridge-Davies (FENZ), Sandy Walker (RTNZ), Alistair Plimmer (SWDC), Chris Horrocks (AA), Sandra Burles (Regional Cycling Coordinator), Holly Hullena (WRSC), Craig Bowyer (AA Chairman), Bruce Pauling (WRSC) and Frazer Mailman (MDC, WRSC Chairman)

Thursday 9th of December 2021

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