Bruce Pauling, Manager of the Wairarapa Road Safety Council said the 1,000 hi-viz vests rollout for Wairarapa Primary School students was a great example of community collaboration, with the goal of safety for our youngest and most vulnerable road users.

‘I approached TRANZIT with the idea and they immediately were on board. It’s a great fit for us as TRANZIT are a longstanding local transport service, heavily involved with our schools, and also support our councils’ ‘cycle safety programme’ in Wairarapa schools.

Schools get parents on board and the kids wear the vests to & from school, whether cycling, walking or scootering. Particularly important in the gloomy winter months, but important ‘all year round’ to be as visible as possible to our local drivers, who can then watch out for them.’
The initiative follows on from the Safety Councils’ rollout of vests for rural bus school students in 2016.
Gina Smith: Principal Featherston School
'A high percentage of our students walk or scooter to school everyday. They have two busy roads to cross and few crossings for them to use. At least now we know these students will be easier to see and therefore safer from those people who travel at some speed down these roads. We would like to thank our Wairarapa Road Safety Team and Tranzit for their generosity and caring enough to help keep our tamariki safe.

Jenna Snelgrove: Manager TRANZIT Coachlines Wairarapa;
'True to our company values, customers and safety comes first, so supporting Road Safety Wairarapa’s initiative to roll out high-vis vests in schools was a natural fit for Tranzit.

Lots of kids in our region walk, scooter and bike and hundreds of them catch our buses to school each day. Not many people know the legal speed limit to drive past a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off students is 20km in both directions. 

These are little people around big moving fast vehicles who might not be as aware of their surroundings, it’s about making road users more aware children are there and so they can change their driving behaviour around school buses. 

It’s fantastic to see Featherston school so supportive of this initiative.

Thursday 25th of January 2018

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