‘Down with speed’ ‘UP WITH SEATBELTS’

‘Down with speed’ ‘UP WITH SEATBELTS’

Speed facts don’t lie!

• The likelihood of a casualty crash involvement doubles for every 5km/h above a 60km/h limit & every 10km/h above a 100km/h limit

• Around town, the likelihood of killing a pedestrian increases from 10% at an impact speed of 30km/h to 70% at 50km/h (SLOW DOWN around schools and pedestrian crossings)

• The slower we go, the greater chances of stopping short of the hazard ahead

• Winter is coming and it takes a further 25 metres to stop on a wet road than a dry road at 100km/h (drive to the conditions)


 On Sunday 7th May the Wairarapa Road Safety Council are teaming up with Mitre 10 Mega Masterton (am) & Martinborough (pm) to raise awareness around speed & seatbelts. Come and engage at the stall or try the ‘seatbelt demonstrator’, and be in to win an automotive prize pack from each store, and one of two child restraints or booster seats from the Road Safety Council.

Chocolates, information & giveaways for the kids as well. Schools, kindys & early childhood centres have access to road safety resources to run activities around road safety to make the kids aware of safety on and around the road.

The road safety council will also be out and about at our 5 towns over the week talking to locals, listening to their concerns & handing out giveaways as well.

Bruce Pauling, Road Safety Council Manager and ex 30 year Police road policing veteran, wants locals to focus on reducing speeds and ensuring seatbelts are worn by….’everyone…. every trip…..every time’ ‘Our biggest issue locally are crashes resulting from speed and loss of control on our rural roads. Not only that, but we also lag behind the national ‘seatbelt compliance’ rate.’

Pauling says that over the years we have made great strides in drink/ drive attitudes and  behaviour, but sadly our ‘lax’ attitudes to speed and seatbelts are responsible for far too many deaths and injuries both locally and nationally.

‘We have to change mind sets such as ‘we are only going up the road, I’m a safe driver, or I’ll decide what I’ll do in my own car. You cannot predict what other drivers will do and what may happen. Mistakes happen, BUT if everyone is ‘belted up’ and you are travelling at a safe speed for all the conditions, then the outcomes WILL be better for yourself and your passengers.’

‘Families don’t have to suffer the emotional and physical pain that serious crashes bring. ‘Ninety three deaths could have been prevented in 2016 on NZ roads, by simply wearing a seatbelt. These are avoidable tragedies. It takes a few seconds to put on your belt, doesn’t cost anything, and saves lives. Why wouldn’t you wear one?’

As far as the safety of our ‘littlies’ in vehicles go, Pauling says ‘positive modelling’ reinforces safety with children. ‘Kids will copy adult behaviour for sure. Be the role model by ensuring you and they are properly restrained. Inform them it is for every ones safety, and it’s the law’.

Always wear your seatbelt

Road Safety Week 2017 in Wairarapa will take place 7-14 May, and will coincide with the

4th Global Safety Week focusing on speed, and locally also on seatbelts.

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 Finally, Pauling says, ‘As locals, we all travel the same roads…do the right thing and reduce your speeds, and do the easy thing and wear your seatbelts’.

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Monday 8th of May 2017

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