Rural Schools High Vis Vest Rollout

Rural Schools High Vis Vest Rollout

Children waiting for the school bus on rural roads are often hard to see. We are providing children (via their schools) reflective vests to be worn when on the roadside waiting to get on and off the bus to help increase their visibility.

As a parent you’re probably well aware that children can be on the roadside waiting for the bus between 7-8.45am and returning between 3.15-4.30pm so if you’re on the road take more care knowing that a child may be running late in the mornings or excited to get home in the afternoons.

What else can you do to help make our roads safer?

1. The legal speed limit to drive past a stopped school bus is 20km/h in both directions, please slow down.

2. Look and think ahead when driving. Especially when coming into a section of sun strike or shading.

3. Look twice, when you quickly scan the road your brain only picks up what it is expecting to see, take a second look.

4. Encourage your child to be comfortable in bright colours. And if you’re out walking, riding or jogging on your rural road, make sure you can be seen.

Please share these messages with your neighbours. No matter if you’re walking, riding, jogging or driving, we ALL have a responsibility for our own safety and of those around us on Wairarapa Roads.

For more information contact your school in the first instance or contact us:

Holly Hullena - Projects Coordinator

Wairarapa Road Safety Council

Ph: 06 377 1379 / E:

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017

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