Ride Forever - Motorcycle & Scooter Skills Training (On Road)

Ride Forever - Motorcycle & Scooter Skills Training (On Road)

Course information, available dates and bookings can be made online:  www.roadsafe.co.nz

Ride Forever and Scooter Survival are ACC’s subsidised rider training programmes, catering to all levels of experience. Feedback from many riders at all levels who have already attended Ride Forever training includes learning new information and improving their riding skills which has increased their confidence and enjoyment of motorcycling. Many of these riders have returned for further courses!

BronzeSilver and Gold course information as well as Urban Commuter and Scooter Survival course information is available, to book online go to: www.roadsafe.co.nz 

You can also go directly to the Ride Forever webpage:http://www.roadsafe.co.nz/courses-overview#subsidised

Did you know? Riders can attend a second course within a 12month period, but after a 3 month gap so you have an opportunity to put new skills into practice before attending a further course. This includes the following combinations: Bronze-Bronze, Bronze-Silver, Silver-Silver, and Silver-Gold. Riders attending a Gold course can attend another Gold course after a 12month gap.

If you ride with a club or a group of friends or workmates, they are happy to schedule a course specifically for you, please contact them to arrange.

Note: Please feel free to download the poster and put up in your workplace or club.

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Tuesday 19th of April 2016

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