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Drive thru Car seat clinic - click for success!Drive thru Car seat clinic - click for success!

Our annual great community outreach event took place on Saturday 21st November from 9-12pm. Held at the Warehouse car park (UCOL end), whanau were able to drive by and have a FREE Car seat check, if needed, and anchor bolt install and where needed, gifted a brand new car seat.

In order to be eligible for this service, clients needed to show a community services card.

Projects Coordinator and Qualified Car Seat Technician Holly Hullena said "There is a great need for this in our community and we were so happy to be able to gift families in need seats - and they weren't expecting it". 

"We even took the expired car seats away for them and that in the end is the key to this campaign being such a success - out with the old, in with the new and everyone can travel safely this summer".

This event took months of planning and funding was given by Waka Kotahi to aid in supplying new car seats to the community. 

"We were also very fortunate to team up with Masterton Motorworks who were able to be there on the day installing anchor bolts on sight.

The Warehouse also sponsored the Essential Travel Pack, which was won by Laurie Hansen, Supercheap Auto supplied spot prizes and anchor bolts and locking clips. 

A third of the seats that came in were expired and required replacing, most cars coming through the drive-thru experience we needing anchor bolts and minor adjustments.

"The can be a lot of confusion around car seat safety, installation and expiry dates" explains Hullena, "if in any doubt, get it checked out. All car seats expire."

The Wairarapa Road Safety Council annual expired and damaged car seat amnesty is running until the 30th November and members of the public can drop off their old seats for FREE to REAP House, 340 Queen Street, Masterton between business hours up till 3pm Monday30th November.


For handy tips and information, head to the child restraints information page on our website: or call 06 377 1379 and ask for Holly. 

Checking clinics are under events on our facebook page:



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