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Bikes in Schools!Bikes in Schools!

Run by the national Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, Bikes in Schools supports schools to enable regular and equal access to bikes and bike tracks for all children within the school environment. 

Lakeview School have been on an exciting journey as our leading Wairarapa School. They designed and recently completed their Gold Standard bikes in schools track with the generous support of local businesses, sponsors and whanau and fundraising the final touches with a successful pledge me campaign. 

Greater Wellington has developed a School's Guide to help schools get the most out of their tracks. The guide includes information on setting up booking systems, bike maintenance, cycling policies, skills training, classroom learning and getting parents and the community involved. 

To find out more go to or for local advice and support, contact Holly or Bruce here at the Wairarapa Road Safety Council 06 377 1379.


Here are some links to show you the Bikes in School Journey!

Greater Wellington Regional Council Website

Bikes in Schools Wairarapa Facebook Page

Lakeview Schools Journey

Road Safety wants us to 'drive legal'

Wednesday 7th of October 2015: The Wairarapa Road Safety Council is working with police to encourage motorists in the region to "drive legal". The "Drive legal - Wairarapa Wide" campaign focuses on keeping the region's cars up to safety standards.
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Slow Down Wairarapa Wide

Tuesday 1st of September 2015: September is 'speed' month on the NZTA and Police road safety calendar. This month has traditionally been one of the years worst months for speed related crashes nationally, and we want to highlight the issues and remind people what they can do locally to lessen the risks.
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Fernridge School Pou & Shelter Project!

Saturday 23rd of May 2015: On May 23rd, 190 Fernridge school pupils welcomed an exciting new asset to their school and community.
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Pou Project - Stronger Together

Wednesday 8th of October 2014: Sian has just completed a project with Fernridge School and Masterton Primary, both in Masterton, that was supported by the Wairarapa Road Safety Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.
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Intersections & Roundabouts

Tuesday 25th of March 2014: Around 50% all crashes occur at intersections. As of 25th March 2012, new give way rules are in place.
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