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Be Safe Be Seen

Its not just drivers that have to look out for other road users. Play your part in Road Safety

Over the month of May WRSC have been working with Wairarapa’s 5 town libraries handing out reflective “KIT”....Still some gear available while stocks last.

General tips for safe walking

• Use pedestrian crossings or cross at traffic signals.

• Check for moving vehicles at every driveway.

• Walk on the footpath, close to the houses and away from the road.

• Hold hands if walking with a young child near roads or in carparks.

• Be courteous when you’re travelling faster than those around you (e.g. if you’re in a wheelchair, running, riding a scooter or skateboard, or skating). When passing others on the footpath, leave enough room that you don’t scare them or put them in danger.

For more information - walking/walking-in-new-zealand/how-to-stay-safe-whenwalking/

Visibility & Lighting Our Selves Up

Reflective Wear is best for safe cycling, running and walking in low light conditions.

Wear bright clothing during the daytime hours and reflective material after dark, to be safe and be seen.

Applying reflective tape to your backpack, ankles, helmet or bike is a simple and effective way to

increase your visibility when the days are shorter.

For more information -


Cycling is great fun and an excellent way to get around. Here are a few simple tips to stay safe when sharing the road.

• Be aware – watch for car doors opening, potholes, rubbish, grates, and pedestrians. Always check for left turning vehicles.

• Be predictable – maintain a straight line, use hand signals and a bell.

• Be seen – make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians, ride at least one metre out from parked cars, and take the lane when appropriate.

• Be safe – follow the road rules and choose the safest route.

• Be bright – at night, use lights front and rear, and wear reflective items.

• Be patient – slow down near parked or lined up vehicles, pass slowly and only when safe. On shared paths, slow down and use one ring of your bell towarn pedestrians before you pass, cycle with courtesy.

• Be prepared – wear an approved helmet and check your bike regularly, including brakes, tyres, chain, lights, and reflectors.

For more information -


Riding on the road is dangerous so we strongly recommend using rollerblades, skates, scooters or skateboards on the footpath. An even better option for children of any age is to encourage them to use facilities such as skate parks – it’s much safer for everyone.

• Wear a helmet and safety gear such as wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, and closed shoes and brightly coloured clothing.

• Use scooters, skateboards and rollerblades in places set aside specifically for their use such as skate parks and playgrounds in your local area.

• Practise riding skills away from traffic.

For more information -


Mobility vehicles are light and offer you no protection. This makes you vulnerable if you go onto the road. Where possible we recommend you stay off the road, but if you must use the road:

• Wear bright clothing.

• Make your vehicle more visible, for example by attaching a flag. 

• Be aware when riding on a mobility scooter that loose and long clothing may get caught in the tyres and could potentially cause the rider serious or fatal injury.

For more information -


Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility -BE SAFE BE SEEN


For more information-

Community Driver Mentor Programme - Tips #1

Sunday 31st of January 2021: Here are some of the common things that are tripping up students going for their restricted driving test. This is designed for those coaching students either at home or through the CDMP Programme.
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Enforceable speed signs around speed sensitive schools

Wednesday 20th of January 2021: Schools within the Masterton district have been given activated variable speed signs to reduce speeds outside schools during school peak in and out times.
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Monday 30th of November 2020: To try and combat the issues around the increasing amount of expired car seats still being used to transport young children, Wairarapa Road Safety Council appealed to Wairarapa families to bring in their expired car seats and where possible assist in replacing seats if still required
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Drive thru Car seat clinic - click for success!

Tuesday 24th of November 2020: Our annual great community outreach event took place on Saturday 21st November from 9-12pm. Held at the Warehouse car park (UCOL end), whanau were able to drive by and have a FREE Car seat check, if needed, and anchor bolt install and where needed, gifted a brand new car seat.
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Scan the Scene for vulnerable road users

Wednesday 22nd of July 2020: Since July 2017 we have had 9 pedestrians serious injured on our roads and 1 person died. We all have a role to play to reduce these numbers
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Community Driver Mentor Programme Needs You

Thursday 9th of July 2020: We are looking for more mentors to join our volunteer team providing support to our future drivers...
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Road Patrol End of year wrap up

Wednesday 6th of May 2020: Each year we thank those young people serving their school communities and making sure they get to school safely.
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Safe Travel during Covid19

Friday 24th of April 2020: Regardless to the alert levels for Covid19, due to the reduction of travel, we need to proceed with vigilance and help together keep our roads safe.
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Less traffic - ’stay focussed’

Wednesday 8th of April 2020: With the COVID19 lockdown, please continue to double check for others as you would in busy times.
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