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Drinking? Don't Drive. It’s Time to Get Our Heads Around It.Drinking? Don't Drive. It’s Time to Get Our Heads Around It.

We’re continuing to get behind the wheel after drinking, with alcohol being a major factor contributing to deaths and serious injury crashes in the Wairarapa region.

In response, NZ Police, Waka Kotahi, and partners, including Wairarapa Road Safety Council  have come together over May and June to collectively target people in Wairarapa who continue to think it’s okay to drink and then drive. People are reminded of the consequences through education and advertising, backed up on the ground by Police vehicle checks, enforcement, and driver education.

Holly Hullena, Projects Coordinator at Wairarapa Road Safety Council, emphasizes the social impacts of losing your license due to drink driving. "Losing your license isn't just a personal inconvenience; it affects your ability to work, socialize, and support your family. The ripple effects can be devastating for both individuals and the community."

"As a community, we must not tolerate drink driving," Hullena continues. "Together, we need to shift the attitudes and behaviors of our 'drink drivers' so they see themselves the same as 'drunk drivers'. For a long time, there has been plenty of information available on how to arrange a safer ride home. There’s just no excuse now."

Wairarapa Road Safety Council is joining forces with road safety partners to target people who continue to drink and drive and put us all at risk. Drink driving has a significant impact not only on the driver themselves but on passengers and people using the road around them. Around 40% of people injured in crashes involving alcohol were not the drink driver behind the wheel. Police will be out to enforce good road safety behaviors and those that choose not take heed of these messages.

Find out more to keep yourself and others safe, because there's more to lose than your license. Visit

Everyone can be a Road Safety Hero!

Friday 17th of May 2024: In Wairarapa we celebrate and raise awareness of Road Safety Week in conjunction with Brake Charity. This year we acknowledge that everyone can be a road safety hero.
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Friday 18th of August 2023: Do your whanau travel in Carterton to school? Here is your opportunity to have your say in their connection project.
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Kiwis urged to check vehicle safety ratings

Friday 9th of June 2023:
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Road Safety Week 2023

Monday 15th of May 2023: Collectively around the world, it is time to unite to reduce death and serious injury on our roads. Let's support our local heroes by becoming one.
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SH2 Wairarapa highway improvements - February update

Thursday 16th of February 2023: Welcome to our February 2023 update on the SH2 Masterton to Carterton Safety Improvement Project.
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Ride Forever - vital courses for every rider!

Wednesday 1st of February 2023: Local experienced riders complete the Gold course each & every year and they all say they learn something new with each course to keep themselves & their pillions safe & their rides more enjoyable & less tiring
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Wellington Anniversary Travel

Thursday 19th of January 2023: Before you head off on your journey, take a look at how you can avoid the traffic
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Slowing the traffic: new speed limits between Featherston and Masterton

Friday 13th of January 2023: News from NZTA / Waka Kotahi New, safer speed limits are to be in place between Masterton and Featherston from 27 January to help protect the lives of people who use local streets and roads.
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State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill, maintenance night closure coming next week

Thursday 12th of January 2023: The route will be closed between 9 am Wednesday, 18 January and 4 am Thursday, 19 January, for planned maintenance and slip prevention work.
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