Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

You will need to take extra care when travelling in holiday periods because of increased traffic volumes, congestion, tiredness and people driving in unfamiliar environments. Being courteous, remembering to share the road with others and scheduling frequent breaks can help you keep your cool when driving during these times.

Follow these tips to ensure your travel is a safe and pleasurable experience for you and others on the road.

Why you need to be alert

  • There are more vehicles on the road – more vehicles means a higher risk of crashes.

  • Many people are driving on unfamiliar roads.

  • People are driving long hours and getting fatigued – often early morning or late evening.

  • Increased stress from factors such as heat, traffic jams, noisy children and general tiredness.

  • People on holiday may be less vigilant about road safety, eg speeding, driving when tired, not buckling up.

  • There’s more drink-driving during holiday periods.

Full details on how to get around over the festive and summer season, check out the Waka Kotahi website:

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