Community Driver Mentor Programme

Community Driver Mentor Programme

Community Driver Mentor ProgrammeAs a result of the Mayoral Task Force for Jobs initiative and the Social Sector trial a steering group was set up by Masterton Mayor Lyn Paterson, to explore how we best support some local secondary students to gain their restricted licences prior to exiting school.

We know that young people who hold a drivers licence are better placed to gain local employment and thus contribute meaningfully to the region economically, and socially. 

We also know that most of our ‘at risk’ youth have no access to best practice driver training, finances or a driving mentor. Unless this is addressed they would rely on unsafe and illegal cars,  indulge in unsafe driving and enter the justice merry-go-round, because of  tickets and court appearances. 

Young drivers is an NZTA ‘high concern’ for our region, and Carterton ranks nationally as No. 4 for ‘personal risk’ in the 2017 Communities at Risk register. 

If supported, this group would hopefully become gainfully employed, and become safe drivers on our local roads, so EVERYONE wins!

The programme relies on generous sponsors and our wonderful community volunteers who every week spend some hours coaching our youth to become safe drivers and gain their driver licences.

2018 sees generous donations from Trusthouse Foundation & Greater Wellington Regional Council to expand our programme and include a 4th secondary school.

The Wairarapa Road Safety Council is proud to have led a fantastic Community team in setting up the programme including:

Trusthouse Foundation 
Our three District Council Mayors & Councils
Southey Honda
Caltex Masterton
REAP Wairarapa
The Sign Factory
Julia London
Frazer Mailman
College support staff
Greater Wellington Regional Council
'Together making a difference for young driver safety across Wairarapa’

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