About Wairarapa Road Safety Council

The Wairarapa Road Safety Council was established in 1988 and has representatives from key road safety stakeholders, including the local councils, Police,  Fire Service, Idea Services, Public Health, Automobile Association, Heavy Transport Industry, ACC, Age Concern, Connecting Communities, Cycling groups and other associated partners.

  • Chairperson:  Councillor Frazer Mailman - Masterton District Council
  • Executive:  Councillor Rebecca Vergunst - Carterton District Council & Sandy Walker - Road Transport Association

There are two employee positions:

  • Manager: Bruce Pauling
  • Road Safety Coordinator/School Travel Planner: Holly Hullena

Local Road Safety Action Plan

This is a collaborative approach from participating partners to provide focus, commitment and urgency to address and mitigate local road safety risks. Further to identify opportunities for improvement, and to encourage National consistency for Road Safety Action Planning.

The RSAP working group meets twice a year March and September

Wairarapa RSAP 2021-24 
The plan is a critical component in the delivery of a Road Safety programme across the Wairarapa District, it is very much a working document which is monitored with activities being prioritised or refocused as required throughout the period covered.

RSAP 2021-2024 pdf - Copy of Road Safety Action Plan

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