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A school travel plan is a set of practical actions to improve children's journey to and from school. These actions encourage alternatives to car travel, and aim to reduce traffic at the school gate and improve safety.

It is supported by local councils, the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the school.

Local Contact

  • Road Safety Coordinator/School Travel Planner: Holly Hullena
    Wairarapa Road Safety Council Phone (06) 3771379


Movin March 2017

Movin'March celebrates walking, scooting and cycling to schools in the Wellington Region. This year Wairarapa has a record number of schools signed up to create some magic moving memories!!

Movin’March runs for the entire month of March giving schools the flexibility to run active transport activities whenever it suits.

Share photos, lessons and stories or just become a Fan to show your support for kids learning, growing and having fun on their way to school! We even had prizes to give away - a huge congratulations to Lyric from St Teresa's School who won our WOW competition and out of 640 entries in Wairarapa from 17 different schools Lyric was our prize winner and received a brand new Bike and Helmet thanks to Avanti!

Check out our website in 2017 at:

Movin'March Facebook Page

Slow Down Signs

A message to those that travel on country roads is apparent - especially now outside Mauriceville School. There are many country schools in Wairarapa, so drivers need to take heed of signs when travelling and look out for our kids in not just urban, but rural zoned schools. Students at Mauriceville School wrote letters to local businesses and designed their signs, even painted them and put them up with some help from Masterton District Council. Their message is clear "Slow Down - kids learn here". Well done team!!


Farm Safety

Wairarapa is a unique region with many things to do and a lot of landscape to cover. With many rural schools and families in Wairarapa, Worksafe are helping educate young people giving safety tricks of the trade.

Check out this page to find out the best Health and Safety Practices in regards to safe Quad bike and two wheeled motorcycles



Rural Schools High Vis Vest RolloutRural Schools High Vis Vest Rollout

Children waiting for the school bus on rural roads are often hard to see. We are providing children (via their schools) reflective vests to be worn when on the roadside waiting to get on and off the bus to help increase their visibility.

As a parent you’re probably well aware that children can be on the roadside waiting for the bus between 7-8.45am and returning between 3.15-4.30pm so if you’re on the road take more care knowing that a child may be running late in the mornings or excited to get home in the afternoons.

What else can you do to help make our roads safer?

1. The legal speed limit to drive past a stopped school bus is 20km/h in both directions, please slow down.

2. Look and think ahead when driving. Especially when coming into a section of sun strike or shading.

3. Look twice, when you quickly scan the road your brain only picks up what it is expecting to see, take a second look.

4. Encourage your child to be comfortable in bright colours. And if you’re out walking, riding or jogging on your rural road, make sure you can be seen.

Please share these messages with your neighbours. No matter if you’re walking, riding, jogging or driving, we ALL have a responsibility for our own safety and of those around us on Wairarapa Roads.

For more information contact your school in the first instance or contact us:

Holly Hullena - Projects Coordinator

Wairarapa Road Safety Council

Ph: 06 377 1379 / E:

Wairarapa Schools Movin' MarchWairarapa Schools Movin' March

About movin' march

Walking, cycling and scooting to school have many benefits for children. As well as being a great opportunity for regular exercise in the outdoors, they improve independence, physical and mental health, decision making, risk assessment and road safety skills.

There are so many ways to celebrate and support students to make active and sustainable trips to and from school, many of which can be incorporated into the curriculum in and out of the classroom.

There is a lot of flexibility with Movin’March; you might choose to commit your school to a week of events, or spread it out through the month. It’s completely up to you!

When you register your school for Movin’March, you will be sent a pack of resources and giveaways for your students.

Greater Wellington Regional Council provides tools and resources for schools to promote safe and active travel and address congestion and safety issues around the school gate. 

how to tune in:

Check out the facebook page or register on the website. Even though the month has already started, you can still be part of all the fun! 

Wairarapa Movin March Newsletter 2015Wairarapa Movin March Newsletter 2015

Fernridge School Pou & Shelter Project!Fernridge School Pou & Shelter Project!

On May 23rd, 190 Fernridge school pupils welcomed an exciting new asset to their school and community. Opposite Kibblewhite Road heading towards Fernridge School a new shelter and Pou have been put up to promote safe and active travel to and from school. Their Pou design came from students inspired art and coached through the process by artist Sian Torrington.

"The idea around putting up the Pou is to highlight to drivers and the community that their is a school close by, small people share this road and the idea is to keep them safe whilst letting them remaining active in their travel to school by Cycling, Scooting and walking. The stretch of road heading past Fernridge School is 80km p/hr so it is vital that drivers and other road users remain aware" says Wairarapa Road Safety Coordinator Holly McGeorge.

Wairarapa Road Safety Manager Bruce Pauling also mentions "this project could not be achieved without the support of our Local roading engineers at Masterton District Council and of course Patrick, Warwick and the team at Totalspan for funding the shelter".

Photos Courtesy of Wairarapa Times Age.

Pou Project - Stronger Together

(Sian Torrington )

Sian has just completed a project with Fernridge School and Masterton Primary, both in Masterton, that was supported by the Wairarapa Road Safety Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council. It was part of the Regional School Travel Plan programme, which aims to have more children travelling safely, actively and sustainably, to school.

Sian worked with two full classes of ten year olds to create three pou each, which will be positioned along the walkways to the schools. They will act as markers at which children can be dropped off, and walk, bike or scooter from there to school. The aim is to encourage active transport, and a sense of ownership and observation of the route through art.

Road Safety Week 2016

This year we are all about celebrating our heroes and it's no different when it comes to the road. Students across Wairarapa rang into More Fm and sung the praises of those that get them from A to B safely.

Here are the 3 winners of Brand new Scooters and Helmets. Their super heroes also won big each receiving a $100 fuel voucher!!!

Pedal Ready Cycle Training

About the programme:

  • Pedal Ready is funded and supported by the sustainable transport team at Greater Wellington.
  • Jordan Roy and Nicky Morrison are the regional coordinators for the programme and they are supported by a network of qualified instructors.
  • Holly (Project Coordinator - Wairarapa Road Safety Council) can take school bookings & enquiries by contacting 06 377 1379

Check out photos of training programmes held in Wairarapa. Pedal Ready is available for work, school, parents and trainers. Check out the Pedal Ready website for more details. 

Buckle up With Mitre 10

On Sunday 7th May the Wairarapa Road Safety Council teamed up with Mitre 10 Mega Masterton (am) & Martinborough (pm) to raise awareness around speed & seatbelts. People (big and small) tried out the ‘seatbelt demonstrator’, and put themselves in the draw to win an automotive prize pack or voucher from each store, and one of two child restraints or booster seats from the Road Safety Council.

Chocolates, information & giveaways were there for the kids to take away. A huge thank you to Both Mitre 10 Mega Masterton & Mitre 10 Martinborough for your partnership with us in promoting good road safety habits such as - ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!

Some videos of the big kids trying out the seatbelt demonstrator - for more check out our Youtube channel


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