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Lids on Kids CampaignLids on Kids Campaign

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Neighbourhood Partnerships

Every Warehouse location supports local neighbourhood community organisations through their Customer Choice programme.

The Warehouse’s community strategy is to provide support to not-for-profit community groups or organisations for specific projects which enhance the lives of ‘families and young people’ with an emphasis on the latter. We do not provide support for administrative costs, operational overheads or expenditure. In the case of our Bags for Good programme, the specific project must also be focussed on the geographic area the store services.

Check out The Warehouse Neighbourhood Partnerships Programme here

One area that we see a large issue is around cycling without helmets. At Wairarapa Road Safety Council we offer free of charge cycle skills training from Pedal Ready. When we visit the school for training, we are able to supply bikes and helmets (during the training)... but after the lessons, the helmets fall on the way-side and are not worn.

Cycling is an important form of exercise, transportation and recreation for children in New Zealand, and for many children, learning to ride a bicycle is an important part of their play and development. 

However, cycling related injuries are one of the top ten causes of unintentional injury related deaths for children in New Zealand according to Safekids NZ.

We are working with The Warehouse to look out for kids without helmets and raise the awareness that our brains are so important and we need them to learn. Watch the video below to see how we are affected when falling off our bikes. Please support our community by shopping at The Warehouse Masterton and adding a token to our cause. Please feel free to share across your networks.

Community Driver Mentor Programme

Monday 10th of July 2017: Together making a difference for young driver safety across Wairarapa’
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Stopping and Parking outside Schools

Monday 10th of July 2017: When children arrive or leave school each day, your driving behaviour can protect them or endanger them.
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Feet First editorial - Wairarapa Midweek

Tuesday 30th of May 2017: In amongst this hustle and bustle, we tend to forget some of the basics in safety and we need to be able to take a breath, think and do the right thing as often we have children around us ready to follow in our footsteps.
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Take up the Ride Forever #beabetterrider challenge and show us what you've got.

Monday 8th of May 2017: Take the challenge and get a mate to video you then post your video to your Facebook page with the hashtag #beabetterrider. Make sure your post is public so we can see it. Whether it’s done perfectly or it all goes pear-shaped, not to worry, a $500 riding jacket is up for grabs
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‘Down with speed’ ‘UP WITH SEATBELTS’

Monday 8th of May 2017: Road Safety Week 2017 in Wairarapa will take place 7-14 May, and will coincide with the 4th Global Safety Week focusing on speed, and locally also on seatbelts.
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Rural Schools High Vis Vest Rollout

Tuesday 2nd of May 2017: As the daylight fades sooner - it's good to stand out on our roads. Especially our younger road users!
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RYDA Programme

Monday 27th of March 2017: The Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Programme is in partnership with Rotary, Road Safety Education, Safer Journeys, Wairarapa Road Safety Council. Our second year providing a successful program focusing on Year 12 Students across Wairarapa during 17th & 18th March. With over 330 Students in attendance over the 2 day event held at the Solway Showgrounds in Masterton, students we able to take part in 6 workshops.
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Wairarapa Schools Movin' March

Wednesday 1st of March 2017: Movin’March is a month long celebration encouraging schools across the Wellington region to celebrate all the great things about making an active journey to school.
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Friday 27th of January 2017: Bike helmets, and ensuring they’re worn, will be the target of Wairarapa Police in an upcoming operation focusing on cycle safety in the region.
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