Shiny Side Up Bike Fest 2018

Shiny Side Up Bike Fest 2018

The Bike Fest Aim

The Shiny Side Up Bike Fest is a Big Day Out for motorcycle riders with the aim to bring the New Zealand motorcycle community together and share best practice.

We strive for people to leave the event better riders than when they arrived. We achieve this through promoting rider skills, full protective gear and technologies such as ABS. The event utilises well known, respected personalities and experts to empower the riders with their knowledge and experiences via demonstrations, presentations and workshops.

Retailers and clubs are invited to be a part of the daythrough stalls in a motorcycle market. This is all done with a lot of fun with food vendors and entertainment provided to create a family day out. 



The Shiny Side Up Bike Fest has been an annual event in Kapiti since 2016. Momentum and popularity has been building each year, culminating in approximately 2,200 people attending in 2017 with 94% satisfed with the day and 97% confirming they were likely to attend again.

Telephone: 06 377 1379

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