Ageing with Attitude Expo

Ageing with Attitude Expo

At Wairarapa Road Safety Council we offer free programmes for Senior Road Users to assist their independance and mobility whilst using our roads. 

This years Ageing with Attitude Expo will be held:

Monday 25th September 2017 @ Genesis Energy Recreation Centre from 10am-3pm

Some information on our programmes will be available and opportunity to sign up.


What is carfit?

Comments from CarFit participants

"It solved a whole lot of minor problems I had that I did not know I had. Can now see the dashboard instruments information such as petrol gauge and when my lights are on high. Seatbelt fits properly and I now feel much more comfortable."

"Found lots of stuff out about the car that I did not know. I’m a very short person, so have now finally been able to adjust the car to fit. I have been putting up with driving with my seatbelt across my neck for years."

Appointments are made by booking a timeslot. This is a 'drive-thru' event and will only take 30 mins per driver. If you are a couple using the same vehicle, you will need to book 2 slots one after the other.

Staying Safe Workshop

What is Staying Safe?

Staying Safe is a FREE, informal, 4 hour workshop run by a trained facilitator.

Specifically this programme offers refreshed driving knowledge for older people, provides updates of rules and regulations, and promotes safer road use for all.

The workshop is facilitated in an informal manner using video, whiteboard, group discussions, anecdotes, and other material from workbooks.

Further information

The New Zealand Transport Agency has a wide range of information available about safe driving, legal requirements (including renewing your drivers licence), and fact sheets about how some health conditions can effect your driving ability.

The New Zealand Transport Agency

Information and fact sheets are also available from Age Concern Wairarapa.

Why should I attend a Staying Safe course?

What do I get?

  •   A FREE 4 hour workshop run by a trained facilitator

  •   A FREE course workbook

  •   A FREE lunch

  •   An opportunity to discuss common issues and experiences with your peers

  •   Increased confidence

  •   Refreshed knowledge of safe driving skills

  •   Coping skills for how the ageing process may effect you

  •   NO tests or exams

  •   An opportunity to increase the safety of all road users by becoming a safer road user.

  •   Ideas for alternatives to driving 

If you are not able to attend the Aging With Attitude Expo and wish to sign up for a course. Please contact Bruce on 06 377 1379 or email

Telephone: 06 377 1379

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