SADD Save a Mate teen programme

SADD Save a Mate teen programme

Tuesday 13th of June 2017

Teaching teens about minimising harm

Tuesday 13th June @ Wairarapa REAP, 340 Queen Street, Masterton
90 min workshop from 4pm-5.30pm

 Save a Mate is an interactive course for secondary school students. The course teaches young people to prevent, recognise and respond to alcohol and other drug-related emergencies.

What young people will learn

The Save a Mate course is designed for young people aged 14 to 19 years old. It helps develop young people's capacity to support peers with drug and alcohol-related issues. The course aims to build young people's resilience, increase knowledge and recognise harmful behaviours.

The course is delivered by trained New Zealand Red Cross instructors, is 90 minutes long and covers the following:

  • Alcohol and other drugs - classifications and effects on the body
  • Risk factors for overdose and how to reduce these risk factors
  • Signs and symptoms of an overdose
  • Responding to an overdose (basic first aid education)

Why we offer Save a Mate

We offer this course on the understanding that, right or wrong, young people will often decide to use alcohol and other drugs. While we won't say "do' or 'don't" to these decisions, we believe it's critical that young people make informed decisions about their alcohol and other drug use.

In New Zealand, like many other countries, we face high numbers of young people using alcohol and drugs (as well as other age groups). We have implemented the Save a Mate course to address the need for simple and believable information about drug and alcohol use. We want to keep our young people safe.

REAP House
340 Queen Street
Masterton 5810

Telephone: 06 377 1379 / or text 027 850 2518

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