Got a question about Drive? We have the answers.

Drive is a free website and learning tool created by the New Zealand Transport Agency and ACC. It's the first phase of an ongoing project designed to help young people become confident, capable drivers. 

Our research has shown that young drivers are more likely to crash during their first 6 months of having a restricted licence than at any other time in their life. That's not because young drivers are bad drivers. It's because they lack the experience and knowledge of people that have been driving for many years.

Young drivers often get behind the wheel before they have a good understanding of what makes a great driver. That's why we've created Drive. Drive is packed full of helpful tools and content that make learning the road rules, and learning to drive, easy and fun. 

Everything on Drive was produced with the help of the Transport Agency’s driving experts and driving instructors. So you know it's accurate and trustworthy.

Best of all, every part of Drive is 100% free. The most we'll ever ask you for is information.


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